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These are the school entrance requirements for Hermanus Primary School.

1.         GRADE 1

It is strongly advised that a child should attend a recognised pre-primary school where a good grounding may be gained prior to coming to Hermanus Primary.

School readiness is not dependant on age alone.  Many factors are regarded as important when a child is being considered for formal education.  Where there is doubt about a child's development the matter should be discussed fully with the pre-primary teacher.

2.         TRANSFER FORM

Pupils being admitted from another school (excluding pre-primary schools) should have a transfer form from that school.  Where a pupil will be leaving, one month's notice is required.  A transfer form will be issued on the last day of attendance at the school.


It is necessary to produce a valid Birth Certificate before the child may be enrolled in our school.


Immunisation against Poliomyelitis is compulsory and the parent or guardian is required under the Public Health Act to have their child immunised against Poliomyelitis.  Such immunisation must be done prior to admission to the school.


In terms of the Department of Health Notice R 1754, every parent or guardian of a new-born child shall ensure that immunisation against Tuberculosis of such child is commenced within six months of birth.

All admissions to schools must comply with the Act as quoted above.

To enrol your child to our school we need the following

  1. Transfer form from previous school
  2. Copy of latest report
  3. Copy of Identification Document or Birth Certificate
  4. Copy of clinic card or proof of immunisation

Om u kind toe te laat tot hierdie skool benodig ons die volgende

  1. Oorplasingskaart vanaf vorige skool
  2. Afskrif van nuutste rapport
  3. Afskrif van die leerder se identiteitsdokument of geboortesertifikaat
  4. Afrskrif van kliniekkaart of bewys van immuniserings

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